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About G&F Automotive
A Yakima Auto Shop
That Feels Like Home
Your Local Expert in Full Auto Repair & Service

About Us

Meet Our Certified Yakima Mechanics

G&F Automotive is working hard to change the face of auto repair by providing Yakima residents with an affordable and honest auto repair shop. Founded in 2017 by Gerardo Ramos, the family-owned business offers the valley a car repair option that meets their budget and their needs. Clean and organized, the auto bays are run by technicians with over 20 years of experience and a special knack for diagnosing engine issues promptly. Even more importantly, technicians are skilled at troubleshooting and finding repairs that will keep vehicles safely on the road for years to come. From a comfortable waiting room to open communication and detailed estimates, G&F Automotive goes the extra mile to make auto repair a pleasant task for our clients.


Meet the Owner

Gerardo Ramos

While G&F Automotive is new to the area, owner Gerardo Ramos is not. Our owner has worked within the auto repair industry for the past two decades and uses his experience to deliver excellent car repair solutions to local clients. Gerardo is very involved with the day-to-day operations of the auto repair shop and is always on hand to help with clients' questions or help diagnose tricky repairs in the bays alongside his technicians.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

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